Norman Industries

Norman Industries is a supported factory. It employs 28 people with a disability. People work for 16 to 37 hours a week.

Norman Industries works with people with a wide range of disabilities:

• Learning disabilities.

• Autism.

• Mental ill health.

• Physical and sensory disabilities.

• Substance misuse.

• Work limiting ill health such as epilepsy, cancer and arthritis.

Work Experience

Work Experience gives people:

• Skills for work

• Training

• Improved CV

• A reference for future employers

Work Experience can be provided in a number of areas as listed below.


Woodworking skills in building, maintenance and care- taking handyman roles.

Skills learnt include:

• Hand tool maintenance

• Use of electrical tools

• Product construction

• Finishing – To put together a product and decorate to a high standard.

Friday morning woodworking class.

Grounds Maintenance

Focus is on developing skills in a range of areas including mowing, strimming, weeding, hedge trimming, border maintenance and planting.

Skills learnt include:

• Use of garden tools

• Use of electrical/petrol garden machinery

• Recognising weeds

Working in the walled garden at Scolton Manor

Accredited Training

  • Accreditation is offered in a range of topics linked to areas of work offered. Training is provided at Entry, Level 1 and Level 2 depending on need and capability.
  • Training sessions in groups and one to one.
  • Norman Industries is a member of the British Association of Supported Employment (BASE).
  • Support for employment is provided by the Work Choice programme.
  • Norman Industries is a Disability Confident Employer.
  • The Disability Confident scheme is run by DWP to identify employers who employ, support and promote disabled people in the work place.

Industry Information

Norman Industries has traded more than 40 years (1977-2017).

Norman Industries has a partnership with Scolton Manor. It does carpentry projects and tasks such as grass cutting, strimming and work in the woodlands.

Contact Information

Telephone: 01437 763650


Snowdrop Lane
SA61 1JB

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