Get Out Get Active (GOGA) is an exciting new programme that supports disabled and non-disabled people to enjoy being active together. Funded by Spirit of 2012, all partners are focused on getting some of the UK’s least active people moving more through fun and inclusive activities.

The programme runs for over three years (2016-2019) and within 18 localities across the UK. They have teamed up with an extensive range of partners to help them reach more people, who have the greatest need to get out and get active. These partners offer in-depth local knowledge and national expertise.

Working together, they aim to increase the number of people who are able to access and enjoy local opportunities. This could be through local authority or independent provision, sports clubs or perhaps volunteering. They want to motivate people by tapping into their values and the things that matter most to them. This include building friendships, maintaining health, having fun and progressing in life.

They want to support more people to lead active and healthier lifestyles. By doing this, they can actively help to build stronger and more unified communities. The £4.5 million investment means they can also proactively share results on a wider scale, so others can benefit from and use our learning.

Through GOGA they will:
Reach 16,500 individual participants, at least 40% of whom will remain active
Deliver over 30,000 sessions through 550 different activities
Recruit, train and involve over 2,000 volunteers
Improve confidence and competence through 500 training sessions

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