About the Team Easy Read

About the Team Easy Read

Current Members

My name is Dan

I am the team leader.

I help the team decide what to do I am there to help when i am needed.

I enjoy my role, it helps build my confidence and it is very rewarding.

My name is Sian

I enjoy working with the LD 
website team.

I enjoyed working on the website because I come up with new ideas.

I also work in the Pembrokeshire County Council in the Social Services department.

I can scan documents, save them on to CareFirst and shred the original documents.

My name is Mark.

I enjoy doing the LD website because it keeps me confident and independent.

I like reading books.

I like going to cinema.

Former Members

No Photo Available

My name is Jordan.

I work on the LD website team.

I enjoy working on the website because it allows me to think of creative ways to design the website.

My name is Matthew.

I enjoy doing photography. 

I also like drumming.

I enjoy doing the LD website because it gives me extra skills in life.

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